The Second World War displaced tens of thousands of supernatural entities from Russia and Eastern Europe, many of whom fled west to the United States, Canada and Brazil. These entities often arrived as unregistered refugees, skirting immigration processes and flooding cities and rural areas.

By 1953, the UN had received sufficient pressure from its member nations that a special subcommittee was established by the UN Commission on Human Rights to deal with “the monster problem”. The Supernatural Refugee Board was charged with helping supernatural entities of all types integrate with human society.

Today, the organization's name has changed, and its direct affiliation with the United Nations has ended, but its role remains the same. The Supernatural Registration Authority is responsible for tracking the birth / creation, movement, employment and death / transubstantiation of the world's supernatural entities. Our mission is the peaceful coexistence of all sentient species, and we will stop at nothing to achieve it.

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But Actually

The SRA is an exercise in world-building, programming and fun by three people who think monsters are cool.

Angela Quinton
Concept, text, implementation
Tandye Rowe
Illustration, concept
Marie-Hélène Goulet
Brand, web design

Additional concepts and editing by Dan Wallbank and Lew Viergacht
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The SRA’s presence on Earth is truly a unique blessing.
— Selaphiel VII, Angel